The LIFELINES Chandelier project is an artistic homage to the lifelines and the medical scientists who have ensured the delivery of unfailing excellence during the unprecedented pandemic. Making an emotional statement on how we are all connected, even with enforced distancing and COVID isolation, the installation highlights the significance of the science behind Adcock Ingram's Critical Care during a time when mortality is ever-present, and the idea of LIFELINES as critical to our survival medically, emotionally, and financially. The project aligns the ‘A’ of art into STEM education.

The Lockdown Collection was developed to run during the initial 21 days of the lockdown, to capture the unprecedented times through the eyes of prominent South African artists as a live-online auction. These 21 art pieces by renowned local artists were sold to raise money to support South African artists. Each piece was revealed daily and reflected the thoughts, feelings and vision of artists’ COVID-19 experience. The overwhelming support and demand has led to more collections, such as the Student Collection, a Canadian Green Recovery Collection and also an Open Call Collection launched in 2021.

Womandlachallenge was born from challenges exacerbated by lockdown, like food security, health matters and gender based violence in homes. In partnership with GBV dedicated NPOs to raise awareness and funding for GBV and Child Abuse representative organisations, Womandlachallenge was launched on South Africa’s National Women’s Day - 9 August. The project included a run, a performance and the launch of a street mural. The mural was designed and created by a group of social creatives mentored by Kathy Berman, the founder of the Museum Store Africa, during a one-year accelerator on a street in Maboneng. Inspired by the BLACK LIVES MATTER street painting, the mural spelt out a colourful WOMANDLA.